Notable personalities with whom he worked

Notable Personalities

1. Professor Papazov FK, MD, PhD, DSc

2. National Professor N Islam DSc, FCPS, MRCP, PhD

3. Professor Miraza Mazarul Islam FRCS, FRCS, FCPS (Referrer)

4. Professor PB Roy FRCS, FCPS (Referrer)

5. Professor Steven D Wexner, MD, FRCS (Referrer),USA

6. Professor RK Mishra MS, FACS (Referrer), India

7. Professor ASMF Karim FRCS, FRCS, FCPS (Referrer)

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Dr Chwdhury is with legend surgeon Professor ASM F Karim, FRCS, FCPS and Professor Salam in an international seminar.


Dr Chowdhury is with national Professor N Islam, the Honourable founder Vice-Canceller of USTC in 21 1st February for tribute of martyrs of National Language Movement.

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Dr Chowdhury is operating a patient with legend surgeon Professor Dr PB Roy FRCS, FCPS