Family Album of Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhury

Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhury have a lovely family having the golden and best architect Supriya Chowdhury, son Engineer Uschas Chowdhury, daughter- in- law engineer Chanda Das Gupta, daughter Dr. Mowsumi Chowdhury, son-in law Dr. Satyam Sarker, Grandson Sreehan Shubro Sarker.

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With Family
With Mrs. Chowdhury
Son, Engineer Uschas Chowdhury is being congratulated by Professor Dereje Agonafer, University of Texas at Arlington for his excellent performance in MS in Mechanical Engineering.
Daughter and son-in-law of Dr.Chowdhury
Daughter-in-law of Dr.Chowdhury
With Grandson

The family album of Dr Chowdhury: wife: Supriya Chowdhurt, Daughter: Dr Mowsumi Chowdhury, Son- in-law: Dr Satyam Sarker, Grandson: Sheehan Subhro Sarker, Son: Engineer Uschas Chowdhury and Daughter-in-law: Engineer Chanda Das Gupta


Hooding of Dr Uschas Chowdhury