Awards/ Honour/Scholarships

Crests of Honour, SAARC Surgical Congress, 2005 (International Seminar)

Best Doctor Award, Alokitha Boalkhali, Chittagong, 2006

Crests of Honour, Chittagong Medical College, 2007

Crest of Honour, New Delhi, 2008 (International Seminar)

Honour with Certificate, BCPS and CPSP, Dhaka, 2008

Best Doctor Award, Chittagong Gouchia Committee, 2012

Crest of Honor Chittagong Gouchia Committee, 2017

Crest of Honour in MAA-O-Hospital Medical College 2018

Ekushey Honour award, for Rural Health Care, Sandipana International Forum, 2020

Bangladesh Government Scholarships in VIII, SSC, HSC, MBBS

Russian Government Scholarship for Clinical Ordinatura and PhD in 1981

Best Doctor Award

Dr. Chowdhury received a crest

Dr. Chowdhury received a good number of crests of honour and awards from different organizations. He got best-doctor award in International Sufi festival in 2012 for his out-standing work in the management of critical surgical patients. Md. Salam MA, reputed politician handed over the award to Dr Ashish Kumar Chowdhury.

Dr. Chowdhury

Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhury was awarded by Alowkita Boalkhali with the Best Doctor Award of Boalkhali for his excellent service to the patients. The award was handed over by famous social scientist and researcher, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Premier University, Chattogram Professor Dr Anupam Sen, BA, MA, MA, PhD.