Degrees and Training

• SSC* in 1st division from Kadhurkhil High School, Boalkhali, Chattogram with distinction marks in five subjects 1970

• HSC* 17th in order of merit from Chittagong College 1973

• MBBS Final 1st position in Chittagong Medical College and 3rd in CU, 1979

• Clinical Ordinatura (2 years diploma in Surgery), Donetsk Medical Institute, Ukraine 1985

• PhD in Surgery, Donetsk Medical Institute, Ukraine, 1988

• Essential Training in MAS, World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi, 2007

• Training in Colorectal and MIPH, Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education and Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, 2008

• Training of Trainers in Multidisciplinary HIV/AIDS program, USTC, 2009

• Training on Research Method, Tools and Techniques, USTC, 2017


Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhury performed research Thesis for PhD in Donetsk Medical Institute under the supervision of the famous scientist and a surgeon Professor Papazov FK MD, PhD, and DSc. He got PhD for a patent in operative procedure for treatment of complicated duodenal ulcer in 1988.